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The Black Women’s Dept. of Labor is a project and podcast by Taja Lindley examining the intersections of race, gender and the double entendre of labor: to work and to give birth. This is an independent podcast produced by Colored Girls Hustle and supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

Formerly known as the Birth Justice Podcast NYC, this work is rooted in Black feminism and committed to reproductive justice.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts, including Youtube.

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Taja Lindley

Also known as the HBIC - Head B*tch in Charge - for wearing many hats. 

Executive Producer. Creator. Host. Story Editor. Writer. Website Designer. Graphic Designer. And more.***

Taja Lindley in black and white

An 80s baby born in New York and raised in the South, Taja Lindley currently lives in Tennessee working as the Founder of Colored Girls Hustle - a shelter and sanctuary for her self-expression, a sacred portal and platform for her creative projects and collaborations. 

Lindley is a spirit-led interdisciplinary generative artist creating dynamic and iterative works designed to transform audiences and to shift narratives, culture and consciousness. She is inspired by the healing arts and metaphysical sciences which support her healing journey and inform the rituals of conceiving, developing and presenting her artwork. 

She is most known for her performances, installations, and podcasting addressing state sanctioned violence, reproductive freedom, economic sovereignty, bodily autonomy and our relationship with the past.

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Creator, Host and HBIC: Taja Lindley

Audio Engineering by Lilah Larson

Music by Emma Alabaster who also served as the Pre-Production Associate Producer

Additional Music Production by Chip Belton

Vocals by Patience Sings

Mixing and Mastering by Chip Belton

Lyrics by Taja Lindley and Emma Alabaster

Logo and Graphic Design Templates by Homegirl HQ

This podcast is produced by Colored Girls Hustle 


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