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April 14, 2022

Taja Tuesday Artist Talk

The Patreon portal is an opportunity to invest in all of Taja Lindley's creative offerings (and rest!), including the Black Women's Dept. of Labor project and podcast.

Her way of saying "thank you" includes opportunities to connect! Taja Tuesday Artist Talk is one of those ways! And she's hosting this virtual event on Tuesday April 26th. Read her description below!

I center tarot in my II XI XX (two | eleven | twenty) project, and for this season’s Taja Tuesday Artist Talk I’m gonna share an astrological practice with my cards.

As much as I rebel against systems, I sometimes enjoy them; and there is a system of astrological correspondence in tarot that I use to decode lunar cycles, big transits, and my natal astrology. These personal rituals inform my creative process and projects, and help me (re)write the myth and legend of my life.

Join me Tuesday April 26th for the Spring 2022 edition of Taja Tuesday Artist Talk, where I’ll share:

  • a presentation about this astro-tarot practice
  • how this practice informs II XI XX
  • and how you can use this practice for yourself

Plus! I’ll be doing a collective reading of the upcoming new moon eclipse in Taurus (3:34pm CST April 30th) using this method.

This is a Patreon exclusive event so be sure to register at the Creative Conversation Patron level ($17/month) or above to attend! These sessions are recorded and uploaded into Patreon for folks who are unable to attend the live event.

Taja Tuesday Artist Talks are quarterly 60-minute virtual meetups where Taja presents about a creative project, practice, process and/or inspiration, followed by Q&A and conversation. These are Patreon-only events. Patrons can watch previous Taja Tuesday Artist Talks as well as attend this season's session.