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Nico Le BlancProfile Photo

Nico Le Blanc

Director for Diversity & Inclusion, Yogi, DJ

Passionate advocate for marginalized communities. Artistic Yogini. Sociological Scholar. Creative. Poetic. Disruptive.

Nico identifies as a passionate Black, Queer, Non-Binary BEing who currently serves as Associate Director for Diversity & Inclusion at NYU and as a yoga and meditation instructor, counselor, and advocate whose primary focus is to create positive, safe, and empowering spaces that facilitate vulnerability and healing. They are committed to the upliftment, self-care, health, vitality, and liberation of ALL Black BEings. As a member of Harriet’s Apothecary, Nico serves as a healer - providing yoga and meditation.

Additionally, they offer a BIPoC LGBTQ+ only affirming yoga and writing mediation class called Liberation Honey Flow and also is an AfroHouse/House DJ.

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