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Informative and personal!

The approach to this subject matter is told with expertise and a wide range of experts with different perspectives, but I also appreciate the way that the host Taja Lindley is able to personalize this subject matter. A must listen for women and those in health care.

So good!

This podcast is so informative and well done!! Can’t wait for more episodes!

A thought provoking and honest experience

Season 1, episode 1 has me hooked! It was a seamless listen all the way through. Taja sits back and allows the story of her interviewee take center and guides the conversation through provoking and honest questions and comments. I cannot wait to listen each week! Thank you for bringing these stories to light and creating a space for these experiences.


Yassssss! Can't wait to tune in to this. The need for stories centering Black womens' experiences and perspectives on reproductive justice and sexual health is sooooooooooo important! As a former Brooklyn-based educator, I'm excited for the transformative coversations this podcast can spark for young people and the adults that serve them.

Essential for the community!!!

The trailer has me so excited for episode one to drop! Love it already!

Thank you for your voice and light!

Revolutionary! Visionary! Engaging!